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Cobalt's Website

Cobalt Construction

A redesigned website for a Seattle contractor with over 30 years of experience renovating and remodeling homes.
Cobalt Construction brings a wealth of experience to the table, executing each project with craft and precision. As they hit their 30-year mark, their website needed a remodel of its own. My team at Chalkbox replaced a website that was built over 10+ years ago, redesigning it to meet current web conventions, and user expectations. This was critical considering more and more of Cobalt's clientele are tech-professionals.

We needed to achieve this with limited scope, a quick timeline, all while collaborating with a client who maintains a busy and full schedule

My Role:

Lead Designer responsible UI / UX.


Chalkbox Creative

Key Responsibilities:

  • Audience research

  • Prototype creation and testing

  • Stakeholder presentations and collaboration facilitation

  • Asset delivery and launch

Key take-away and lessons learned.

With the scope and process on this project somewhat truncated, it was a challenge to build an experience that met Cobalt's needs and would grow with them into the future. However, success within constraints is an important attribute of effective designers, and my team at Chalkbox met this challenge head on in close collaboration with Cobalt. Would we have liked to do more testing, more user experience work to make sure we got the flow just right? Sure. However, we still built an effective website that upgrades Cobalt's web presence to be more inline with the work they produce. A wonderful renovation, and once this new space has been lived in a bit, perhaps we'll have the opportunity to fine tune.

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