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Dog Guard

Brand Development / UI + UX / Print

Role: Lead Designer, Chalkbox Creative


For more than 35 years, Dog Guard has given dogs the freedom to roam while providing owners with peace of mind, thanks to underground and electronic “fencing” systems work that create boundaries both indoors and out.


Work began in 2016 with an updated brand system. This included very subtle changes to the logo—but more important, it addressed everything around the logo. Between 2020 and 2022, the brand was further evolved as we unified the Dog Guard experience across the corporate and dealer websites, brochures, packaging, and other collateral. This meant standardizing color, type, imagery, graphic elements, and language, which had become a bit scattered over the years due to different designers (and in some cases, the individual marketing efforts of dealers).

The evolved identity features an updated dog image that feels contemporary; it has just enough detail to identify as a collie, but not so much that it feels like the prior logo, which had an old-fashioned appearance.

To read a more in-depth case study for this project, click here.

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