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Honest Buck Accounting

An updated website for an accounting firm focused on providing services to small to medium childcare providers.

My Role:

Lead Designer responsible for UI / UX.


Chalkbox Creative

Key Responsibilities:

  • Audience research

  • User journey and wireframe development

  • Prototype creation and testing

  • Stakeholder presentations and collaboration facilitation

  • Asset delivery and launch

The challenge

Accounting can be complex and confusing, especially if your focus is already stretched thin running a childcare business. When Honest Buck approached my team at Chalkbox, they were preparing to pivot their services to focus on a very specific niche.

New content had already been developed, but we needed to build a structure and experience that would be easy to understand and navigate. Honest Buck's services are extensive, so we needed to make sure we weren't overwhelming this audience.

Honest, accessible,
and beautiful.

We leaned into layout conventions that make scanning easy, scale fluidly between screen sizes, and make effective use of Honest Buck's existing brand. The new site reframes the firm to better engage with their new target audience, while making it easy for this audience to find what they need.

Access on any screen.

An important focus on any contemporary digital experience is making sure things display correctly on any screen. Honest Buck's audience is busy, needs to be able to access services on a fly, and needs that service to look right on their device. We made sure to build a mobile first experience that works great on any screen.

Key take-away and lessons learned.

This project had a quick turn-around with a limited scope. While the results of the initial design seemed promising, it would have been great to have more room for testing. The focus of this site was to build an experience that built trust and made the complexities of accounting easy to understand at a glance. It is difficult to know how effective we were without some real data to back up our decisions.

This said, it is hard to argue with Honest Buck's success. Since this site was designed, their team has grown from 3 people to 35, and their services have expanded. I like to think the initial redesign of the site had some part to play in that growth.

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