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Kevin Spence Architenct

Brand Development / UI + UX / Print

Role: Lead Designer, Chalkbox Creative

Kevin Spence | Architect (KSA) provides thoughtful, tailored design solutions by working to gain a deep understanding of each client’s needs, desires, and style—along with the essence of the building site and the constraints of the project.


KSA wanted its branding to appeal to three main audiences: homeowners interested in sustainable living and design; contractors and consultants; and skilled architects who might fit as potential employees of the firm. The final mark features a modular typograhic system and an abstracted fingerprint, executed in a way that evokes the rings of a tree, waves in sand, the topography of a space.

Along with the new identity, KSA's website was stepped forward to showcase their work visually while infusing the firm’s philosophy throughout—in a way that is accessible and intuitive to anyone who visits.

To read a more in-depth case study for this project, click here.

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