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The Rubber Ducky Punk Club

Illustration / Painting

Salt Lake City, Utah

January, 2021


The Rubber Ducky Punk Club is a triptych that was commissioned in August of 2020, and completed in January of 2021. This project was conceived in collaboration with some close friends who had moved into a home that was saturated in waterfowl themed decor. As the couple made the space their own and removed a majority of this imagery, they wanted something to pay homage to the history of the house. They came up with the idea of a steampunk themed duck, a cyberpunk themed duck, and a punk goose. We worked closely together reviewing sketches and exchanging ideas until we were happy with the direction in which the project was heading. The result is Sir Waddlesworth, McDucktron 3000, and Gary. A very fun and imaginative project that represents a re-entry into the world of acrylic painting after 6 years or so, along with the opportunity to lean into some new image transfer techniques.

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