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WWC Global

A slick new brand identity, website, and supporting materials for a woman-owned government consultancy focused on building a more efficient government.

My Role:

Lead Designer responsible for brand development,
UI / UX.


Chalkbox Creative

Key Responsibilities:

  • Brand identity development

  • Audience research

  • User journey and wireframe development

  • Prototype creation and testing

  • Stakeholder presentations and collaboration facilitation

  • Asset delivery and launch

The challenge

WWC Global is the largest woman-owned contracting firm in Tampa. When they approached my team at Chalkbox Creative they were employing some 250 people, in 24 contract locations, on 4 continents. Their organization was expanding rapidly and needed to update their brand identity. Their brand, their website, and their communication materials needed to match the high level of service they offered their clients.

We needed to collaborate effectively with WWC Global's leadership team to help build their brand to a place that positioned them comfortably amongst bigger competitors.

Rapid sketching, brainstorming with
our hands.

As with every project I undertake, the process began with sketches. I moved quickly to generate an array of concepts in response to the creative brief that Chalkbox created with WWC Global. These concepts were all shared with WWC, and through lively collaboration we narrowed to the most promising concept.

Stepping into
the future.

When WWC Global approached my team at Chalkbox, they were ready to take their brand to the next level. We collaborated to narrow and refine our concepts to something that captured the essence of their brand.
A mark that is bold, aspirational, precise, and ready to help position them correctly amongst their competitors.

Bold, confident,
and precise.

WWC Global's new mark captured the story of not only where they've been as an organization, but also where they are going. They were rapidly growing in capability, taking on bigger contracts, and attracting talented experts. Their brand needed to reflect that.

Print isn't dead yet.

While it is well understood that digital touch-points are incredibly important for a brand's performance and growth, physical pieces still bear their own importance in correspondence, networking, and in-person presentations. With this in mind, I created a set of business papers that contribute to WWC's overall brand story at every interaction.