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The Diabetes Link

An updated brand identity, website, and supporting materials for a national non-profit organization that supports students with diabetes.

My Role:

Lead Designer responsible for brand development,
UI / UX.


Chalkbox Creative

Key Responsibilities:

  • Brand identity development

  • Audience research

  • User journey and wireframe development

  • Prototype creation and testing

  • Stakeholder presentations and collaboration facilitation

  • Asset delivery and launch

The challenge

The Diabetes Link, previously called The College Diabetes Network, recently completed brand strategy work when they approached my team at Chalkbox Creative. Based on the insights gained in the strategy process, they needed to reimagine their brand and their online presence to best serve their evolving audience of students with diabetes, and the caregivers that support them.

The new brand identity needed to feel appropriate to the younger student demographic, while also not alienating their parents and caregivers. The website needed to comfortably host a wide repository of knowledge while remaining easy to navigate, help students form new chapters, and make finding resources for caregivers easy.

Sketch, sketch, sketch!

After meeting with The Diabetes Link's board, and reviewing their brand strategy documentation, we began sketching for the brand identity portion of the project. We sketched exhaustively, and then reviewed all concepts with the board. We worked collaboratively to narrow to one conceptual direction to iterate on from there.

Before and after.

With a transparent, iterative process, we refined the brand mark to something simple and iconic. The resulting mark can be seen as step in the rhythm of ones life; a student or support coming to TDL for community and resources and then bouncing forward to live more prepared, more independently, and more vibrantly.

Visual elements of an emerging new brand.

We worked closely with The Diabetes Links board, as well as some of their student trustees to make sure we landed on a color palette that felt timeless, yet still resonated with a young and active audience.

Connecting in the physical and digital world.

The Diabetes Link is a massive organization, and while their digital presence is key, they also need to function in the physical world. We built a full suite of supporting materials to help them in this endeavor.